Dracula 3 Anthology

Dracula 3 Anthology - 1 DVD

Developer: Kheops Studio
Publisher: Microids
Genre: Adventure

Description :

Confront Dracula in a showdown of good and evil! Product InformationSeptember 1920: As Father Arno Moriani you are sent by the Vatican toTransylvania to examine a potential candidate for sainthood. Your investigationtakes an unexpected turn when the body you were sent to examine has what thevillagers call the “mark of Dracula.” Carry out your inquiryamidst tales of bloody deeds and ancestral legends. Will you survive orwill fear take over? Come face-to-face with Dracula!Product Features A new story faithful to the Bram Stroker universe! A nail-biting investigation that blurs the line between myth and reality! Decipher mysterious manuscripts rune stones and ancient prophecies dating back to man’s origin! Travel to exotic locales from Rome to Transylvania venturing into the ancient cave prisons from which Vlad the Impaler escaped. Picturesque graphics and intense cut-scenes engulf you in a dark and gripping adventure.

This game is the HD remake of Dracula 3: Path of the Dragon, and it includes all 3 episodes:

Episode 1: The Strange Case of Martha
Episode 2: The Myth of the Vampire
Episode 3: The Destruction of the Evil
Main Features:

Dracula 3 is the REAL next chapter in the Dracula series – following Dracula – Resurrection and Last Sanctuary
Brand-new storyline faithful to the works of the Bram Stoker universe
Witness true to life environments of Rome, Budapest, Turkey and Transylvania as well as the ancient cave prisons from which Count Dracula escaped
Use your wits and logic to compare, deduce and solve unique puzzles or draw cursed symbols written in letters of fire that will help unravel your investigation
Decipher mysterious manuscripts, rune stones and ancient prophecies dating back to the origins of mankind. Use the Enigma machine, used to decrypt secret messages and solve puzzles
Minimum System Requirements :

OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 800 MHz
HDD: 4 GB free disk space
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c

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