Command Modern Air Naval Operations Command LIVE You Brexit You Fix it

Command Modern Air Naval Operations Command LIVE You Brexit You Fix it - 2 DVD

24-08-2016......Release Date
Strategy...........Game Type


23 August 2016, Europe is reeling politically and economically from the
downstream effects of the UK deciding to leave the European Union - the
BREXIT. Both the British Pound and the Euro are near collapse and the
global stock markets have not yet recovered from the initial shock of
the British move. European based companies and stock markets are in
disarray as they attempt to negotiate their way out of the new reality
which is settling upon the continent after a very tumultuous summer.

Weeks after the British vote, France, Denmark and Italy initiated their
own referendums to proceed with an   Article 50\' departure from the EU.
Greece, still tottering economically and staggering under the pressure
of hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming in from across the
Mediterranean has been forced into yet another election campaign.
Portugal and Spain have seen the small economic gains they have made in
the past few years washed away in the monetary disaster which is
hitting them very hard. Eastern European countries are becoming more
hard line\' in response to refugees and asking the EU government in
Brussels some very tough questions vis-  -vis the costs and benefits of
the union.

Both the Scottish National party, which is in the process of organizing
a 2nd referendum to leave the UK, and the Basque Separatists in Spain
are now leading the few remaining Euro advocates. Even Turkey has
stopped asking to be part of the EU for the first time in decades.

Meanwhile the US is going through one of the most divisive and violent
election campaigns in history, with dozens if not hundreds of
protesters arrested at every political event and where the number of
politically motivated killings is shocking both the world and the
domestic political establishment.

Through this turmoil, NATO decision makers have struggled with a
patchwork of collective defence initiatives in the Baltic and Ukraine.
As reinforcement to the standing   Baltic Air Policing\' operation and
training missions in the Baltic countries and Ukraine; a multi-national
Brigade, led by four nations and consisting of troops from 5 others,
spread across four countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia & Poland) is
touted as the solution. Although judged anemic by most experts, placing
American, British, German and Canadian troops in the Baltics displays a
commitment to the region that if Russia were to attack is would be
attacking the whole alliance not just the local forces.

The turbulence is not missed by Russia. With NATO destabilized
politically, the whole idea of a cohesive command structure with an
ability to react rapidly is in question. The Baltic States (Latvia,
Lithuania, and Estonia) have long been a thorn in the side of the
Russian Federation: Ethnically they have large Russian populations;
strategically they isolate the key to Baltic defence, Kaliningrad;
politically they should never have been allowed to slip into NATO\'s
sphere of influence. Perhaps now is an ideal opportunity to right the
wrongs of the past and exert newfound strength where and when NATO is
at its weakest. If the Baltic States can be taken in a short 1-2 day
campaign without tipping the world into another global conflict, NATO
may never recover. A short window of opportunity exists before the
Multi-National Brigade deploys, if only a few aircraft are engaged and
no NATO ground troops, it is much easier to de-escalate.

The second scenario is this set   No BREXIT, no Problem!\' will portray a
cohesive, non-destabilized NATO response.


Two scenarios simulating the graduated NATO response to a Russian
invasion of the Baltic States under two distinct situations: 1) A
delayed European response speculating on the political complications
caused by BREXIT and follow on ramifications, and; 2) If BREXIT did not
happen and/or Europe comes to grips rapidly with the new reality, how
would NATO respond in a cohesive way to the crisis.
Intense air and naval conflict in the constricted and shallow
waters of the Baltic Sea.
Implementation of Ship basing with withdraw criteria causing ships
to abandon their mission and return to port for rearming or to repair
damage.    Extensive use of Lua scripting to add forces to the fight as
the political situation evolves.
Some of the most modern equipment in use; F-22 & Eurofighter
Typhoon featured fighting side by side, the Russian SS-26 Iskander
Short Range Ballistic Missile system, S-400 SAMs, SM-3 - Theater
Ballistic Missile Defence missiles as well as some of the newest and
most capable ships in NATO and the Russian Federation inventory.

The possibility of Finland and Sweden entering the fray if NATO is
having difficulties, but based on a random chance to allow for more
replay possibilities.


Game is made standalone, updated and feature all previously released

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