OMG Zombies

OMG Zombies - 1 DVD

OMG Zombies HD! This game combines elements of skill with logic, in which our task is to eliminate hordes of living dead. Each undead explode when hitting a ball or part of the body of another zombie, so fun is the production of bloody chain reactions.

Action OMG HD Zombies! is set in the near future, at a time when human civilization stood on the brink of extinction because of the outbreak of the virus, which transforms the infected into zombies. The situation of the survivors is not hopeless, however, as each attacked a zombie explode, regardless of whether the ball is hit or pulls away a piece of the body of another zombie. We play as a sniper, which I use the fact that cleaning city streets with rotting opponents.

Fun is mainly on the induction of chain reactions. Each zombie attack instantly explodes, scattering his guts in a radius of several meters, and each zombie who comes into contact with the body pieces also explode. Ammunition is always very low, so it is necessary to such planning attacks that a single bullet could eliminate as many enemies. The OMG HD Zombies! , one hundred levels connected by an extensive narrative thread, which is narrated by comic book panels

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