Starbound - 1 DVD

English | PC | 2013 | Publisher: Chucklefish | Developer: Chucklefish 
Genre: Action

Starbound begins with you fleeing your homeworld in a space shuttle, just as it's destroyed by an unknown enemy. With nothing to guide it, the escape pod shoots into space without direction, becoming hopelessly lost in a sea of stars. As luck would have it, the space shuttle makes contact with an abandoned space station and an adventure begins that will take you hurtling across the universe. Starbound contains both quests and story driven missions, buried inside its vast sandbox universe.

6 playable races

A procedurally generated universe with unlimited procedurally
generated planets

All content available in online drop in/drop out co-op

Generated dungeons full of unique enemies

Randomly generated monsters

Thousands of items

A deep crafting system

PVP gameplay

Own and decorate your own Starship

Develop your own home planet

Menacing boss battles

Procedurally generated guns and melee weapons

Farming, hunting and survival mechanics

Built from the ground up to support modding

Ongoing free updates

Multi-platform multiplayer

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