Fate ​Of The ​World ​Tipping ​Point

Fate ​Of The ​World ​Tipping ​Point - 1 DVD

Publisher: Red Redemption
Developer: Red Redemption
Genre: Strategy, Indie, Casual, Simulation

Description: Fate of the world, a dramatic global strategy game, puts the future of the Earth into the hands of its players. Featuring a realistic set of scenarios covering the next 200 years, based on the latest science and climate versus the needs of an ever-growing world population, who are demanding ever more food, power and living space. Players will see how difficult it is to help the whole planet without causing chaos and destruction.


Covers 2020 to 2200 – Two centuries of possible futures
Detailed real-world data – gathered over years of research by Dr Myles Allen, Oxford University
Over 100 major policies – including international aid, diplomacy, emergency defences, species protection, energy choices, population, politics, and clandestine operations
More than 1,000 impacts – including storms, floods, flash fires, sea level rise, famine, extinctions, epidemics, energy shortages, and political backlash
50 signature animal species to save – against the backdrop of enormous biodiversity loss
40 specific future technologies to develop – including nuclear fusion, biofuels, nanotech, robots, AI, smart grids, advanced medicine, synthetic food, and space exploration
6 ‘tipping points’ – world-changing events such as the Amazon collapse and the Antarctic ice shelf collapse
3D Earth globe – showing climate related changes with Earth ‘telemetry’ – visually graphing past and future change
Earth overlays – revealing local temperature change, devastation, and population

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