Evil Genius + PATCH 1.01

Evil Genius + PATCH 1.01 - 1 DVD


Fixed in v1.01

- Disguised sentry gun can now be researched.
- Sentry gun FOV reduced.
- Agent AI fix for rooms behind locked doors.
- Glossary crash fixes for 2 hyperlinks,
- Rare loading crash.
- Rare crash involving monkeys.
- Extra hint added for objective 2 & the mixer.
- The second mess hall counter has been renamed to "mixer".
- Misleading "Load Save" option renamed to "Load and Save".
- Rare crash bug when deleting certain outdoor traps fixed.
- Rare crash bug when locking minions in during construction fixed.
- Minor scripting fix for a couple of objects.
- Minor fixes (text fixes & memory leaks).
- Rare crash in Training Fixed. 
- Version added to Options screen.
- Research button sometimes missing when reloading a saved game fixed.
- Crash when saving during death cubicle animation fixed.
- Fixed the locking of NumLock in Windows XP

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