MegaMan Unlimited

MegaMan Unlimited - 1 DVD

General Information:
ΓÇó Year Of Release : 2013
ΓÇó Genre : Platformer
ΓÇó Developer : Philippe Poulin & Co.
ΓÇó Publisher : Philippe Poulin & Co.
ΓÇó Publication Type : License
ΓÇó Language : English
ΓÇó Voice Language : English
ΓÇó Tablet : Not required

System Requirements:
ΓÇó Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
ΓÇó Memory: 500 MB
• Sound Device: Compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c
ΓÇó HDD Space: 325 MB

Rejoice fans of the series MegaMan, left the game MegaMan Unlimited Philip Poulinom developed since 2008.
After the release of Mega Man ΓÇïΓÇï9 Philip Poulin, an ordinary man, who is a big fan of the series, Capcom decided to
show us how to look like a real game about Mega Man. He spent several years developing his own version. And
on July 14 the project was published. Fans are able to evaluate the scale of the work done.

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