Kira Kira - English

Kira Kira - English - 1 DVD

Maejima Shikanosuke is a student at the Missionary school, Oubi Academy. He doesn't attend his club, he doesn't put much effort in his studies, all he does is show up at his part time job; in short, his life could be better. One day, he meets a strange girl, Kirari Shiino, at work and before he knows it, they've formed a punk band.

The band consists of Shikanosuke, Kirari, his childhood friend Chie Isurugi, and a rich but weak young lady by the name of Sarina Kashiwara. The four of them are members of the Second Literature Club, which has hardly any active members and is already scheduled to be disbanded. This band is their chance to stand out and give one final farewell at the Culture Festival.

Title: Kira☆Kira
Original title: キラ☆キラ
Aliases: KiraKira
Length: Long (30 - 50 hours)
Rating: 17+
Language: English


Interact Play VR

Interact Play VR - 1 DVD
You are a young man who likes stalking young women on train stations, following them molesting them on the train, and then bringing them to the point where they can't resist you and raping (or seducing) them. Unlike RapeLay, there is no background revenge story in the . The five girls in the  have names and personalities, but they are not connected to each other.

Name: Interact  VR
Rating: 18+
Language: English/Japanese


Polygon Love 2 (English Uncen) + additional mods

Polygon Love 2 (English Uncen) + additional mods - 1 DVD

Polygon Love 2 is a 3D game where the main character is allowed to dress up a childhood friend who acts as his little sister. Includes clothing from popular K-on, Suzumiya Haruhi, Vocaloids, and more.

Polygon Love 2 aka ポリゴンラブ2 is a 3D erotic/life simulation game developed by Purple Heart for the PC 
The player assumes the role of a young male involved into a certain amount of different social actions with his little sister. While the game itself is in Japanese, a fan created English patch is available that converts some of the written Japanese into English. Apart from this patch, there are many other mods and patches, made by fans. They remove censorship, add new clothes and new models for girls.

Do You Like Horny Bunnies 2 [English]

Do You Like Horny Bunnies 2 [English] - 1 DVD

Wanting to forget his bitter breakup with dear Junka, Kazuma chose the farthest place he could to run to: Europe. There he learned about wine and how to serve it with style, and eventually became employed as an expert sommelier at fine restaurants. After several years of this lifestyle, he crossed paths with his former love. Junka had grown even more elegant and beautiful since the had been together, bring back all the old memories of their love. When she told him that she’d been made manager of a new high-class restaurant, he found himself agreeing to work there before he knew what he was doing.
Title: Ecchi na Bunny-san wa Kirai? 2
Original: title エッチなバニーさんは嫌い?2
Length: Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer: ZyX
Rating: 18+
Language: English

Lightning Warrior Raidy [English]

Lightning Warrior Raidy [English] - 1 DVD

I am Raidy, wandering this continent of Else far and wide as an adventurer. I can freely bend the power of thunder to my will, so people have taken to calling me the “Lightning Warrior”. Why am I standing here in front of this tower, you ask? The cause lies in the village of Saad that I visited recently. I got there to find it in decay, deserted and transformed almost completely into a ghost town…
Title: Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidy ~Haja no Raikou~
Original title: 雷の戦士ライディ~破邪の雷光~
Aliases: Kaminari no Senshi Raidi
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Links: Wikipedia
Developer: ZyX
Rating: 18+
Language: English


Come See Me Tonight [English]

Come See Me Tonight [English] - 1 DVD

Ryoichi doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. A very viable option is dumped into his lap when his parents disappear without warning one day. While he’s pondering his next step, a woman from his father’s past, Chidori Yuki, approaches him and decides to help out the young man.
You are Ryoichi Sakaki, the hero of this story. You’re a normal Japanese boy, but you’ve never had a girlfriend, and as a result, you don’t know how to act around beautiful girls. All this is about to change soon, though!

Title: Watashi ni Konya Ai ni Kite
Original title: 私に今夜☆会いに来て
Length: Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer: Sekilala
Rating: 18+
Language: English


SSSS - Super Secret Sexy Spy [English]

SSSS: Super Secret Sexy Spy [English] - 1 DVD

Im Ethan Bond and I’m an agent of the secret intelligence group, FAPPS – the Federal Agency of P**sy Protective Services.What is FAPPS ? Forgive me for shooting off. It’s rather larger than can fit in your hands, but I’ll give you what you can handle. Bartender, shake out a few drops of milk for my friend here.You see, FAPPS is involved in the research and investigation of sex crimes involving the babymaking place. We safeguard the state of the uterine. Within the pink moistened folds of the intelligence community, I am in fact something of a cumshot. Hotshot! I penetrate with 100 success. They call me the “creampie spy.”Bollocks, you say? Oh yes, they’re emptied daily into beautiful women. I commit intercourse at my discretion, with a bona fide intravaginal permit – any womb, any time. It’s a License to Spill.- You are Ethan Bond, Creampie Spy! The fruits of internal secrecy are yours to protect!

Title Nakadashi Spy no Sounyuu Sousa -Shikyuu no Heiwa wa Ore ga Mamoru!-

Original title 中出しスパイの挿入捜査 -子宮の平和は俺が守る!-
Aliases Penetrative Search of the Creampie Spy -Protect the peace of the womb!-
Developer Softhouse-Seal
Rating 18+
Language English

Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star [English]

Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star [English] - 1 DVD

The story begins with the protagonist, Kogasaka You, moving back to his hometown, which he left behind several years ago. Upon arriving, he stumbles into an abandoned, sealed observatory, whereupon he encounters a mysterious girl who looks exactly like his childhood friend did years ago. She introduces herself as Mare, a shinigami who reaps nightmares.Meanwhile, back at school, You ends up joining the astronomy club,  desperate need of  members. At night, he continues to visit Mare at the observatory, all the while trying to remember a certain someone’s name…

Title: Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a  Star-

Original title: 星空のメモリア-Wish upon a  star-
Aliases: Hoshimemo
Length: Long (30 – 50 hours)
Developer: Favorite
Rating: 18+
Language: English

Kamidori Alchemy Meister ( Master ) [English]

Kamidori Alchemy Meister ( Master ) [English] - 2 DVD

In the Setetori region of the southern part of the Raulbhach continent lies the Mikelti Kingdom. Among the seven major cities is the artisan city of Yuidora. This is where a young orphan named Wilfred lives, pursuing his dream of becoming an artisan. As tensions between neighbouring nations rise and a threat of war looms, three girls in distress come to his place and he helps protect them. Using a new technique that he discovered and with the help of other races, will they be able to restore peace to the lands?


Da Capo II [English]

Da Capo II [English] - 1 DVD

Once again, winter begins to settle on Hatsune Island. As the cherry blossoms of the Everlasting Cherry Tree dance amongst the falling snow, Yoshiyuki, his two sisters, and his friends are all getting ready for the holiday season. Kazami Academy is bustling as everyone prepares for the Christmas party, decking the halls and practicing their performances. When Christmas Break passes, they too will begin the final stretch of their last year at the academy. Will Yoshiyuki and the others find love in this holiday season, or will it pass by like every year before? What mysterious power does the Everlasting Cherry Tree hold?


Secret Wives Club [English]

Secret Wives Club [English] - 1 DVD

Secret Wives’ Club (aka Hitozuma Hime Club) is an extremely hentai look at the highly developed Japanese fetish of hitozuma, or erotica involving married women who belong to another. In this bold new simulation game, you are responsible for training a trio of sexually frustrated housewives, with many detailed attributes for each girl (sensitivity, obedience, anal training). Can you satisfy the beautiful wives, and train them in different ways to serve you?
Title: Hitozuma Hime Club
Original title: 人妻姫倶楽部
Aliases: Secret Wives’ Club, Secret Wives Club
Length: Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer : Sekilala
Rating: 18+
Language: English


Oppai Slider 2 - English

Oppai Slider 2 - English - 1 DVD

Oppai Slider 2 (aka おっぱいスライダー2?) is a Japanese  sex simulator developed by Illusion Soft. It features three girls of different temperaments and willingness who the player tries to make aroused and ready for sex through the use of various objects and manipulation of erogenous zones. You can choose between three different scenarios, each starring a girl in a different role: a nurse (with the player as a doctor), a maid (whose master is the player), and a "sailor", who is simply a girl the player has to teach how to swim. It is actually the same girl, named Asakura Koyori, in three different stories.

Name: Oppai Slider 2
Develope: ILLUSION
Genre: Erotic Adventure, Erotic Quest, Sex, Hentai
Language: Japanese/English
Subtitles: yes
Interface: English/Japanese
Censorship: no (Uncensored Patch)
File size:4.2GB


Slave Witch April

Slave Witch April - 1 DVD
Slave Witch April is a hentai game with visual novel system peppered with stories of magic, romance, infidelity and friendship. game created by the developers of the "MangaGamer" on 7 January 2013. In order to become a magician, Denis enters AN spot below the notable, lovely witch Gregorian calendar month, solely to be overworked and abused on a routine. He bears along with his hate for her as he devotes himself to finding out her techniques till in some unspecified time in the future, he discovers Maisie, a fairy Gregorian calendar month had sealed away. Maisie offers a Denis a deal: "Remove this seal, and i am going to grant you the facility to revenge yourself against Gregorian calendar month." the 2 gain this dependent agreement and commenced to enact their revenge.

System Requirements 
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Intel Dual core or Higher
128 bit - 512 MB VGA RAM 
700 MB Free space


Hako Box English

Hako Box English - 1 DVD

Supposedly, the main character is the Ultra-man of that planet, and the supposed 'mini-sized' girls are actually in the NORMAL size of the residents of that planet. 

It's not that they are small, but HE is the one which is over-sized...The house which the game takes place in, is actually an over-sized building the government build for the main character to live in, and in return he helps them fight the monsters which invade their planet. 

The 'Box-Girls', which to us the players may have seemed to be just a new line of pets product or something, takes on yet another meaning, now that we realize that they are of the same size as the rest of the population on the planet. 

Young females, whom automatically generate themselves just by being placed inside a special container, and can be steadily MANUFACTURED, whom are basically affectionate to the owner since the first time he opens the door to her 'room', and automatically degenerates out of existence by the end of a few days. 

Oh no, they are not trying to make 'pets'. They are trying to make Automatic-self-disposal SEX SLAVES.

Kara no Shoujo - English

Kara no Shoujo - English - 1 DVD

The year is 1956,a series of bizarre murders rocks the city of Tokyo. Tokisaka Reiji, an ex-cop turned private eye, joins the investigation at the behest of his friend Uozumi Kyozo, a detective in the MPD. At the same time, he takes on a missing persons' case at a private all-girls high school, as well as a mysterious request from a girl named Toko to find her true self. As Reiji frantically struggles to crack the case, he learns that the murders bear an uncanny resemblance to a case in which his own fiancé was murdered six years ago. But try as he might, the body count just keeps rising...

Suck My Dick or Die

Suck My Dick or Die - 1 DVD

The anti-government guerrillas were fighting against the government in the country which was politically unrest. There was an incident that a little girl was raped and murdered by the guerrillas in a small village. Mr. Prosper, who is the commander of the military, advanced his men to this small village to hunt the guerrillas. But the incident was all planned out by him, so that he could have a raping party for himself. The girls, who were suspicious as guerrillas, were arrested. That was the beginning of the insane raping party.

Real Time 3D Pussy

Real Time 3D Pussy - 1 DVD

Real Time 3D Pussy is a game for adults. in this game we are taught how to have sexual partner can feel something warm and can increase libido partner. Real Time 3D Pussy game is real and not censored. This game can only be downloaded for more than 18 years of age

Boob Wars - Big Boobs vs Flat Chests

Boob Wars - Big Boobs vs Flat Chests - 1 DVD

At the beginning of the 22nd Century, an anomaly began occurring in the bodies of women...
All the women of the world became either E Cups and up or A cups and under.
"Big Breasts" and "Flat Chests"... By their division into these two groups,the debate over which was superior began.After the first incident of armed conflict, known as the "Nyuuhen Tragedy,"the entire world was split between the Big Breasts Tribe and the Flat Chests Tribe and an intense conflict ensued.

Des Blood 4 - Lost Alone - English

Des Blood 4 - Lost Alone - English - 1 DVD

In the future, mankind has mastered interplanetary travel. Mars was the first target for pioneers; soon, settlements were built on the planet, and it became Earth's colony. A young girl named Esk was born on Mars, but her father took her to the Earth when she was little. For some reason, she always longed to see her home planet. Against the will of her father, Esk travels to Mars, but on the way her spaceship is attacked. Upon arriving on Mars, Esk teams up with a young adventurer named Cifer, and together they must find out who has attacked the spaceship and why.

Gimai-Hitomi-My Stepsister-English

Gimai-Hitomi-My Stepsister-English - 1 DVD

Things were going just fine until my father suddenly announced he was getting re-married, and his new wife and daughter were going to live with us. What am I supposed to do now?
My new step-mother is beautiful, but my new step-sister, Hitomi, is fascinating. She is so fragile and gentle. The way she smiles at me and tries to please me….I think she wants me. I….I think I want her. Whenever she is around me, I just want to possess her.
How far can I push her? What will she allow me to do to her?
“Please, Brother, I'll do anything for you. Just please don't hate me…..”

Virtual Stalker - ENGLISH

Virtual Stalker - ENGLISH - 1 DVD

Utilizing the polygon 3D works of Teatime, Fulltime make a Virtual Stalker game with interactive townat night, just like a real one, Checking your surrounding, hiding behind shadows, utilizing anything to use as hiding place, If you can survive the dangerous work of stalking, you'll get rewarded by exciting lewd scene, get ready Stalkers!

Edelweiss - English

Edelweiss [English]

Kazushi, Appo, Pierre and Daigo are four average high school students. They are bored of their life and want to find a girl that can be their girlfriend, but no girls accept them. One day they hear about an exchange program to an all-girls school on a deserted island and they have no doubts on going there. Once they arrive, they discover the school's secret: it teaches the secrets of alchemy and how to handle them. Later, they meet the girls and have to help them, as each one has a problem that can't be solved by them.

Monster Girl Quest - English

Monster Girl Quest - English - 1 DVD

The story of being reverse-molested by sexy inhuman vixens!Sweet monster girls seduce and pleasure you!Lose and you will be raped!You are the hero, a young boy.Battle sexually with diverse characters in a world of humans and creatures.All the creatures are sexy girls of some species or another! Find them all! It’s an epic quest. Will your dirty dreams come true?

Wanko to Kurasou

Wanko to Kurasou - 1 DVD

Wanko to Kurasou is eroge game (visual novel) for PC. People were crazy concerning pets years past. The notably in style ones were cats and dogs that look human and have high intelligence. however the boom has died down with time, and currently solely people that really need them own them. Our main character may be a college boy World Health Organization finds a stray anthropoid dog, folded within the rain. Unable to let her simply die, he takes her up to his area and treats her. despite the fact that he told her she will solely keep till the rain ends, the dog stays in worry and worry. The main character decides to appear for her owner. The life between an individual's and a dog starts.

System Requirements 
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Intel Dual core 
512 MB RAM 
128 bit - 512 MB VGA RAM 
1.5 GB Free Hard disk space


Schoolmate 2 - English

Schoolmate 2 - English - 1 DVD

1. About
School Mate 2 is marketed as a sequel to the School Mate game, both produced by the Japanese company ILLUSION and released for the PC on June 25, 2010. 
This is an eroges game based on a story line devided into 19 chapters which, when succesfully finished, unlocks the free play mode. Doing a specific selection in free mode unlocks the final ending of the story, but continue to play in free mode will stay available. 
Yukariko and the Hero (a classmate of Yukariko) are cleaning the 3 Jizou statues on the school ground when they slip trying to move the heavy stone. The head of one of the statues is broken and this awakens the 3 spirits, Suho, Asagi and Kohaku. 
The spirits are able to take control of Yukariko's body and tell her that she has been cursed because of the damage done to the statue. Yukariko does not believe in the curse, but the spirits tell her that they will teach her to believe. Furthermore, Yukariko is told that the curse can only be lifted if she does what the spirits ask of her. 
The hero does not entirely understand what is happening and the next day greets Yukariko normally. He is told to not speak to her anymore, and that she will send him keitai mail from now on. 
The next day, he receives a mail which asks him to come meet her in the classroom after school. 
What do the spirits have planned for Yukariko now??? 

2. Game Info
This is School Mate 2 Full game. It already includes all the updates including School Mate 2 Special 3P and School Mate 2 Plus Vol.3 patch. Game is already patched, in english and ready to play.

You have also option to install:
* Illusion Wizzard - Does not contain any mods, only updated wizzard for any future modding. The wizzard needs .NET Framework 1 and 2 installed (included on the DVD)

* Subtitle mod - Very low level dialog translation at the moment unfortunately

* 2 Savegames - You have to chooce one. I also included both savegames on the DVD (under Docs/Help) seperatley so if needed you can manually chooce one later on.

* Illusion RegFix - Enables you to fix registry if needed. This setup already installs correct registry but i decided to include this anyway

* Offline Guides - Pages saved from WiKi

3. System requirements

Minimum system:
OS: 32 bits Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 
DirextX: DirextX 9.0c 
CPU: Pentium 2.4 GHz 
RAM: 1 GB for Windows XP, 2 GB for Vista and Windows 7 
HDD: 6 GB free space 
GDU: NVidia Geforce 6 or ATI Radeon X1300 with 128 MB memory

OS: 32 bits Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 
DirextX: DirextX 9.0c 
CPU: Core2 Duo 2.6 GHz 
RAM: 2 GB 
HDD: 8 GB free space 
GDU: at least 512 MB on board 

Optional hardware:

3D glasses: If you have a high end PC then you can run this game in 3D.

Hentai Student 2012

Hentai Student 2012 - 1 DVD

Student 2012 is a game made ​​in Japan, this game is categorized as an adult game. This game tells the story of students who had come home on the school to do activities that are non-marital. in this game you can play around with a sexy woman who is in this game. you can see a woman's body and fantasy. lets Hurry download this game.

.System Requirements 
Windows XP/7
Intel Pentium IV Or Higher
512 MB RAM 
1 GB Free space

Cosplay Alien

Cosplay Alien - 1 DVD

The main character and his friends are attending their class in a quiet academy like normal students when a UFO suddenly passes overhead. The whole academy begins to panic and a beautiful, female alien appears from the UFO. She claims she traversed vast reaches of space in order to tie the knot with Yuusaku. Meanwhile, Yuusaku is utterly confused. As she tries to press him into marriage, she uncovers his secret stash of porn and begins using knowledge of cosplay from that in order to seduce him.

The other heroine, his childhood friend, joins in the fuss over Yuusaku caused by the alien’s mother, friend, rival, and even space pirates. On top of all this, secret agents from another country begin targeting the Aliens’ advanced technology…

Idols Galore

Idols Galore - 1 DVD

[Uncensored English Version]
Language: English - TEXT English

Life is pretty good when you get assigned to manage the careers of two superstar idols! You are put in place to countermand the rebellious tendencies of these stars’ previous manager, and you have all the power!

Beautiful women surround you now, all at your beck and call! Do you feel like seducing your lovely assistant, or maybe the sexy ex-idol co-manager is more your style? And of course, don’t forget your two superstars. Their careers are in your hands, and surely they are grateful for that! Now what could these gorgeous girls possibly do to repay you?

Custom AI-Droid

Custom AI-Droid - 1 DVD

The purpose is to educate ones AI-Droid by simply executing different items. These items could be talk, everyday items and L. When you begin a whole new activity the particular report will probably operate and you will probably eventually be studied towards modification of the AI-Droid.

System Requirements:
Windows XP/7
Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz or Better 
 5 GB free Space 
128 MB Vram

Kotori Love

Kotori Love - 1 DVD

Kotori Love Ex P is a romance game. the long-awaited game finally showed up too and After Story kotori there really is a new CG is shown at her wedding, and when the life of the future newlyweds. kotori character in this game is very sexy. Someone lend me a time machine. And it seems all the stories from the first Da capo, white season, After season, Chrismas Days, IF and After story included all compile stories about kotori.

Super Strip Fighter IV

Super Strip Fighter IV - 1 DVD

Super Strip Fighter IV, created by Dōjin, is a hentai fighting game parody of the popular Street Fighter series, with one obvious change: the adult part of the game. Each character has their own fighting style and moves. Rana, for instance, is covered in oil and can rub herself against the opponents and slip them out between her legs.

Getting over the initial juvenile laughs on the occasional nipple slip or the special combo moves like the boobcopter (has to be the roflcopter’s successor), the game actually has an extra interesting element from a game design perspective that gives it added value compared to the normal Street Fighter.

Besides the required fast, medium and slow attacks and the grab, the game also has combos and a special strip move. The special strip move is the mothers of combos, where the character attacks the opponent in a character specific move and removes all of the opponent’s clothes.

If it is the last round and the opponent is killed in the strip move, he regains his health, and the player does not have control over the character anymore. The winning player now has free range to do with the opponent as he pleases. It is also in this phase the player can perform a “finishing move” on the opponent, where, as can be seen in the screenshot in the case of Nina, will “finish him off” by stepping on his penis until he is “finished.”

This way of winning has a much better feeling of fiero mixed with a good part of schadenfreude, because not only do you win, you also humiliate the opponent in the best possible way. This is especially true because the super strip move can only be performed when the player himself has charged up his super charge meter, and the only way to charge up the super charge is by getting knocked over and damaged by the opponent. So the gameplay is a constant evaluation of whether you should go for the most satisfying and most difficult-to-perform strip move, or a more certain but less satisfying normal kill. This is a very nice balance and has given the game more value

Gang Rape Club

Gang Rape Club - 1 DVD

The main character is a senior who attends Rinin High School; the only school among the mountain town of Rinin City. The main character, who is the student president of the high school, has another hidden persona. The persona as head of the “Gang Rape Club”…

A dark ceremony existed that had been handed down for thousands of years in the old town of Rinin; the name of the ceremony, in particular, in the oldest of records. That ceremony, enacted to protect the region from disease and crop failure as a curse from the region’s guardian deity, Hime Iwanaga, occurs in the evenings between the new moon and full moon, in which a maiden is disguised as Konohanasakuyabime and gangraped to appease Hime Iwanaga’s anger. In regards to the maiden, there must be an important man participating in the gang rape, in other words, that man must be related in blood to their wife or lover, mother or daughter, younger sister or older sister, and the like, and after the gang rape, if a pregnancy occurs, Hime Iwanaga’s anger is abated, and a good harvest and safety upon the region will be promised. However, if a pregnancy does not occur for the sake of suppressing Hime Iwanaga’s anger, the maiden is supposed to be covered with semen, and floated down the river alive, as a sacrifice.

And now—After the Tashio era, the ceremony itself had vanished into the dark history, but had still continued on at Rinin High School; the cruel, improper traditions being inherited over into a secret society through actions carried out by the Gang Rape Club. For generations, the student president of the High School has served as the head of the Gang Rape Club, not allowing even one day to pass uneventfully, submerging numerous women to the dark, suffocating pleasure.


Utawarerumono - ENGLISH - 1 DVD

Waking up injured, a man finds himself in a small village after being rescued by an apprentice physician. Having no memory of who he is and a mask he cannot take off, he decides to live with the other villagers peacefully. But peace is fragile, as a single event in their village plunges himself and his fellow villagers into a path of war.
Virgin Roster - 1 DVD

Virgin Roster -Shukketsubo- won't appeal to most people.  The main character 
is Kengo Inui, a shamelessly proud rapist.  He feeds off the misery of others,
in fact he goes so far as to believe that other people exist only for his
amusement.  Recently, he's taken a job as a high school teacher, and his only
goal is to cultivate a new batch of sex slaves.  Students and teachers alike
are targets; nothing is out of bounds for this unrepentant sadist.

Virgin Roster is a point-and-click adventure game.  Follow Kengo as he
hunts the women in his new environment.  Be prepared, the destruction becomes
intense as he molds his innocent victims into willing and dependent sexual
slaves.  The ending you get depends on the decisions you make for Kengo.  While
he may have encounters with several women throughout the course of the game,
your choices determine which, in the end, become his willing servants for the
rest of their existence.

                            ii. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

Straight from the back of the box, here are the system requirements:

Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP/Me/98/2000
Mouse(or other pointing device)

                   Minimum Requirements          Recommended Requirements
                   --------------------          ------------------------
CPU                Pentium II/ 233MHz            Pentium II/ 300MHz
Memory             64 MB or higher               96 MB or higher
Display            640 X 480 HighColor           24 bit True Color
CD-ROM             8X or higher                  12X or higher
Sound                   ---                      MIDI Sound and 
                                                 PCM Sound/GM Sound

Butt Touch

Butt Touch - 1 DVD

Butt Touch is an adult game made ​​in Japan, this game tells japanese teen sex in 
public places. precisely on the bus, or train, in this game you no shame do not perform sexual activity in public.

System Requirements 
Windows XP/Vista/7
Intel Pentium IV 
512 MB RAM 
1 GB Free space

Animamundi - Dark Alchemist

Animamundi - Dark Alchemist - 1 DVD

Count Georik Zaberisk builds a sterling reputation as the head Royal Physician tending to the King of Hardland. However, the poor health of his frail sister, Lillith, drives him to resign from his post and retire to the countryside where he lives the charmed life of nobility. One day, while Georik is away, Lillith is accused and tried for witchcraft by an angry mob of villagers -- her head is chopped off and her body burned! Somehow Georik manages to secure Lillith’s head and to his amazement finds that she is still alive, and Georik is consumed with a desire to make Lillith whole again. Georik learns of the homunculi, who use alchemy. However, the Kingdom of Hardland had outlawed witchcraft and alchemy long ago. Georik is forced to delve into the banned world of alchemy in order to help his sister.

Princess Eris

Princess Eris - 1 DVD

Souta is a pervert, there are three girls living next-door and he knows every tiny detail about them. His parents are abroad for business, so he is taking care of them for now. On Arisa's birthday, they tell him that they are daughters of the Devil. Souta isn't surprised to hear that. They are relieved and tell him why they live in this world. Their purpose is to find a partner and prevent their race's extinction. They suddenly tell him to choose a partner among them...

Snow Sakura - 1 DVD

My name is Tachibana Yuuji, a regular student with no particular plans for the future - until my parents left for Hawaii on a business trip last fall, leaving me in the care of my uncle in the wintry countryside of Hokkaido.

Small-town life on Japan's northern island didn't have time to get dull, as from the moment I got there I was reunited with my cousin and childhood friend Saki. She's pretty demanding, but when I'm hanging out with her and her school friends I don't mind; as I get close to them I feel like I'm finding meaning in life that I didn't know I was looking for.

Legend says there is a flower that blooms here in the depth of winter... as the twilight deepens and a snowflake melts in the palm of my hand, I stand with a beautiful girl by my side. Will we be able to uncover its mystery in this fleeting moment?