Special Transport Simulator 2013

Special Transport Simulator 2013 - 1 DVD

Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Excalibur
Developer: Excalibur

“Special Transport Simulator” for Windows. A truck simulator game, where the goal is to transport cars without making damage to the truck or cargo.

Description: Use great skill and precision to manoeuvre a selection of special transport vehicles from one location to another. Take on the challenge to deliver extremely heavy loads quickly and safely to their destination. Be sure to keep a steady hand on the wheel as you travel through dense city centres, highways and narrow country roads. You’ll be able to master several vehicles ranging from the heavy duty truck that warns approaching traffic of the dangers ahead to another special vehicle that will tow a variety


Five vehicles including two vans and three trucks
A variety of different trailer combinations
An open world to explore
Completing missions will change the game world
Haul a variety of different loads including construction plant, yachts and industrial equipment

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