Dusty Revenge - Co-Op Steam Edition

Dusty Revenge - Co-Op Steam Edition - 1 DVD

Publisher: PDDesignStudio
Developer: PDDesignStudio
Genre: Action, Fighting

It look like SHANK, no ? Anyway, thanks to SKIDROW for this new indie game.

DUSTY Revenge is a 2D action platformer with unique support character mechanics.

Revenge will consume you, but redemption will push you to your breaking point.

Play as Dusty, a duel weapon wielding warrior ready to face loads of outlawed criminals, dangerous creatures and the ruthless evil villain that rules them all. Meet friends along the way with new weapons and alents, journey through lavishly drawn environments and work together to fulfill your unquenchable thirst for vengeance.


Intense story
3 unique characters with their own weapons and mechanics
9 Gorgeously drawn environments
Hordes of menacing villains

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