The First Templar Steam Special Edition

The First Templar Steam Special Edition - 2 DVD

PC | ENG | Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital | Developer: Haemimont Games Genre: Action

PROPHET has released "The First Templar Steam Special Edition" for PC. Special edition contains bonus mission "The Arena". It is the story of two main characters - a French Templar, and his companion, a noble lady who has been proclaimed a heretic. 
Description: The First Templar is an Action-Adventure game that returns the player the Holy Land during the Crusades to participate in the rise and perversion of the Knights Templar, the search for the Holy Grail and a grand conspiracy. The game features engaging single player gameplay in which players can switch between two characters, as well as two-player co-op both online and offline. Additional features include: individual combos as well as team-based attacks, RPG like character customization, 20 historical Medieval locations and an amazing soundtrack and graphics.

Features Expansive Historical Game World: Return to the 13th century, where European culture is on the brink of collapse. 20 historically accurate locations from around Europe have been recreated for the player to explore
One player - Multiple Roles: Instantly swap between playable characters, focusing on the best skills for the job. Drop in/out cooperative online play allows a friend to help out!
Fast Paced Action-Based Play: Unlock furious combos to unleash upon waves of challenging opponents
RPG-inspired Character Development: Each character has unique abilities and skill trees, which players develop as they explore the game world

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