Rocks Keep

Rocks Keep - 1 DVD

English | Platform: PC | Release: 16 May, 2013 | Publisher: RuneStorm | Developer: RuneStorm | Genre: Action / Strategy

Dear nuke-net participants, we ask you honestly to stop nuking for an invalid reason, above all if you do not even know any member of our group to prove if it;s valid or not. May you feel confused if a grp does not release that much most others do. Especially if it's has serveed a couple of sections like we did in the past. But now we want to satisfy our needs by figuring the folliwing out clearly: We did not steal this group name. Sure we did not do much since 2005, but we are going to kick start our group again. So thats is not a valid reason to ban us from releasing. 
Thanks a lot for appreciation.

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