Pro Beach Soccer

Pro Beach Soccer - 1 DVD

Pro Beach Soccer is a fun, arcade game featuring cool-looking players, spectacular moves, laser shows and DJs playing hot tunes. Set in exotic atmosphere of stadiums from Rio to Dubai. Feature very highly detailed characters and graphics.
  • Cool players, beach babes, acrobatic moves and DJs playing hot tunes make Pro Beach Soccer a non-stop feast for the senses.
  • Perform spectacular moves and dramatic aerial manoeuvres thanks to the ‘pick up and play’ control method.
  • Choose one of four exotic locations: Rio, Marseilles, Bangkok and Venice Beach each either at dusk or at night.
  • Discover an innovative gameplay with new rules, functionalities (ball-up, juggling…) influenced by sand!
  • Get artistic marks for impressive moves and goals to reach the State of Grace and increase your skills!
  • Get boosted by crazy commentaries in Brazillan, French, American and Thai!
  • Improve your style on a tropical beach in the training mode or compete in arcade and multi-seasons competitions!

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