Private Infiltrator

Private Infiltrator - 1 DVD

Publisher: Espionage Noir Productions
Developer: Espionage Noir Productions
Genre: Stealth

Private Infiltrator is an arcade-like Stealth game that bears the Noir art style.

In 1867, ASB was founded by a mysterious criminal figure. It was a private corporation with its sole purpose being global domination. Its intentions were masked to the public by the legitimate packaging business it had as a front. Another mysterious figure, rich, powerful and clever enough to deduce that ASB was behind the recent crime wave, founded WEC, a corporation whose sole task was to prevent the ASB from achieving their goal. Since then, an invisible war was fought between these two private corporations. Over the years, WEC had been slowly disrupting the ASB’s operations and preventing their plans from being materialised. After destroying most of the ASB’s assets, WEC sent their best Agent to the heavily guarded ASB Base in order to destroy both it and what was left of the ASB once and for all.


Simple Arcade-like Core mechanics that are easy to pick up but difficult to master.
A Unique Neo-Noir art direction.
Arcade-like level of difficulty that puts pressure on the player at all times and surprises them by punishing carelessness with traps or tricky setups such as turret mazes and careful C4 management layouts.
A great number of security measures to bypass and sneak past, as well as equipment and special abilities that will enrich the stealth experience.
Multiple soundtracks to choose from including the option to import your own music.
Free, yet substantial content updates.
Points reward system enriched by a full-fledged dynamic economy system and an uncrating minigame for an extra gamble factor.
A unique competitive Hide and Seek multiplayer mode.
A huge number of unlockables including entirely new soundtracks, bonus maps and hats.
NEW!: A mode with procedurally generated maps dubbed “The Binding of Infiltrator”.
NEW!: A Map Editor!

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