Expeditions Conquistador

Expeditions Conquistador - 1 DVD

Publisher: Logic Artists
Developer: Logic Artists
Genre: Strategy

Description: Discover a new world In the middle of the 16th century Spanish explorers and warriors reached the shores of America, the famous Conquistadores. They ventured into territory no European has entered before in the search for gold, fame and adventure. What they found was a world completly alien to them – bringing civilization as well as war and terror to the native tribes. You are one the conquistadores: Choose your path wisely Every action has its consquences – you can choose to battle the savages and civilize the vast green jungles, or you can side with the natives and defend their homeland against the foreign invasion. Each battle will define your fate


Discover the new wordl Travel to legendary places in America and make your way to the mysterious El Dorado
Create your own army Train your recruits and lead them into battle
Watch them grow from inexperienced newbies into seasoned warriors
It takes all sorts to build an army: Make sure you have covered each area of expertise
Each character in your troop is an unique character. If he or she dies it will tear a deep hole in your strategies
Take care of supplies, trade cunningly and watch your enemies – and beware of false friends
Get through the main quest or engage in several side quests – more than 150 quests await
Brutal battles or peaceful diplomacy: Solve all encounters on the 50 battle grounds your way
Travel a huge world map filled with authentic and legendary locations
Engage your friends in multiplayer battles – either via hot seat or TCP/ICP
As retro as it gets: The best turn based strategy from yesteryears in a modern look and feel

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