Underrail - 1 DVD

Set in future, when the life on the Earth’s surface has long since been made impossible and the remnants of humanity now dwell in the Underrail, a vast system of metro station-states that, it seems, are the last bastions of a fading race.You will takes control of one of the denizens of such a station-state whose life is about to become all that much more interesting and dangerous, as our protagonist is caught amidst the conflicting factions of the Underrail as they secretly but violently struggle for the Humanity’s last gem of hope.

Great character customization possibilities through stats, skills, feats, items and more that allows for many different play-styles 
Tactical turn based combat that utilizes weapons, energy shields, grenades, psi abilities and more 
Vast underground world to explore: city states, abandoned building complexes, natural caverns, secret areas and more 
Elaborate item crafting system.


Lumber Island 2013

Lumber Island 2013 - 1 DVD

You awake to find yourself in a life-boat ashore an island, and the last thing you can recollect is having fun at a great yacht party. Back in 1970s, this island was known as the “Lumber Island”. It abounded in rare wood species of the highest quality, which were sought for by the craftsmen from all over the world — many of them took trips to the island in person, to pick the best material. The island thrived on private manufactures and tourism… …until deposits of oil were found under it. This finding doomed the island: its inhabitants were made to leave their home land, the wood was chopped down to the ground. And after the oil had been pumped out to the last drop, the island was left abandoned and totally exhausted. This is the official story. The real truth lying behind it is for you to discover… 

Mars - War Logs 2013

Mars - War Logs 2013 - 1 DVD

Mars War Logs takes you to Mars, nearly a century after the cataclysm that threw the planet and its colonists into chaos. Water has become the most precious resource on the arid red planet, with a few companies fighting a perpetual war for its control.In the middle of this struggle,you are Roy, a renegade with multiple talents who finds yourself dragged in an epic story where every choice counts. Build your character and your combat style by choosing among many skills and perks: melee, ranged combat, stealth, or the devastating Technomants powers.Craft armors and weapons, recruit companions to help you in your quest, and plunge in a thrilling adventure offering a huge variety of quests.
Play as Roy Temperance, a multi-talented renegade, and surround yourself with companions with real personalities.
Choose from the numerous dialog possibilities and influence the destiny of your people.
Custom your fighting style through a dynamic and developed combat system, for entirely different approaches depending on the choices you make.
Personalize your development by choosing from dozens of skills and numerous additional perks!
Modify and create your own equipment with our craft system.
[System Req]
OS:XP 3/Vista 2/7/8
Memory:2048 MB RAM
Hard Drive:3 GB

Time Shift

Time Shift - 1 DVD

Dr. Aiden Krone adalah seorang mantan professor dari Applied Physics di MIT, yang terkenal karena obsesi dan kepandaiannya dalam Thermodynamics, Advanced Propulsion, dan Quantum Electrodynamics (QED). Karena kecenderungan untuk menuntut kendali dan kerahasiaan, ia menjadi Pendiri dan Ahli ilmu fisika suatu Program Riset Perjalanan Waktu yang rahasia. Setelah beberapa dekade kemudian, program Krone telah sukses dikembangkan, sebuah mesin waktu pertama...

Minimum System Requirements:
- System: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or AMD equivalent or equivalent.
- RAM: 1024 MB.
- Hard Drive Space: 8000 MB.

Recommended System Requirements:
- System: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ RAM or equivalent.
- RAM: 2048 MB.
- Hard Drive Space: 8000 MB.

StarDrive 2013

StarDrive 2013 - 1 DVD

Sets a new benchmark for the ’4X Space Strategy’ genre. The game begin with a single planet and a small number of space-worthy vessels, you must venture forth into the galaxy, conquer new worlds, build new colonies and defend your very existence against those who would take what is yours. How you play is your decision. Use diplomacy or brute force. Trade, spy and research your way to galactic domination. Make friends, or create mortal enemies. In StarDrive you can design ship and custom combat engine.
[System Req]
OS:Windows XP / 7 / 8

Processor:Intel® Pentium® IV 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500+
Memory:3 GB RAM
Graphics:NVIDIA® GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon® X1900
Hard Drive:2 GB HD space /1.2GB download

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition - 3 DVD

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Crytek Studios

Description: Whether played in 3D or standard 2D, Crysis 2 drops players into a devastated New York in the midst of an attack by a frightening alien species. The alien enemies are armed with deadly weaponry and exceptional sensory abilities that test players’ skill and push them to the limit. These terrifying invaders stalk the streets of New York, leaving the streets in chaos and the skyline in flaming ruin.

Surrounded by catastrophic destruction, players harness the superhuman abilities of the Nanosuit to level the playing field, becoming the ultimate weapon on a mission to save New York.


Engage in many explosive multiplayer game modes in battles with as many as 32 players, on 21 total maps in “Crysis Wars.”
Experience the entire Crysis universe in one box.
Includes “Crysis,” “Crysis Warhead,” and “Crysis Wars.”
Confront an ancient alien terror to save mankind from extinction in “Crysis.”
Fight as the volatile Sergeant Sykes on a secret mission to stop the enemy from obtaining in “Crysis Warhead.”

CRYSIS 2 – Maximum Edition includes:

4 Limited Edition unlocks:
Bonus XP – Access to preset classes plus a custom class
Scar weapon Skin – Scar assault rifle digital camouflage
Weapon Attachment – Day 1 access to scar hologram decoy
Unique Platinum Dog Tag – Display your multiplayer rank and stats
Retaliation and Decimation packs:
A total of 9 additional Multiplayer maps supporting all game modes
2 new weapons – FY71 Assault Rifle and M18 Smoke Grenade


Star Trek 2013

Star Trek 2013 - 2 DVD

Genre: Action
Publisher: Paramount Digital Entertainment Namco Bandai
Developer: Digital Extremes

After Xbox360, here we have a PC version of “Star Trek: The Game”. It’s a third-person action-adventure Star Trek video game, developed by Digital Extremes and co-published by Namco Bandai Games and Paramount Pictures, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

Description: This action-packed Star Trek game is based in the continuity set up in the 2009 reboot of Gene Roddenberry’s classic series by J. J. Abrams. The Star Trek video game offers a sweeping journey of epic proportions across unexplored planets and enemy battleships with the latest 23rd century weapons and gear. It boasts a story filled with action-packed combat as Kirk and Spock work together to stop a legendary enemy race bent on conquering the galaxy. And for the first time ever, players are cast as Captain James T. Kirk and Spock in an unprecedented co-op experience, where the complementary personalities of these iconic characters push players to make strategic use of their alliance.


MEET THE CREW- The 2009 Star Trek film cast will be contributing their voices for the game, including Chris Pine as Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock.
ORIGINAL STANDALONE STORY– Set after the events of the Star Trek (2009) reboot, continue the sweeping journey through the new universe with a completely original story.
EXPLORE- Uncover new areas on the Enterprise and other ships, explore never-before-seen sectors throughout the galaxy including exotic planets, treacherous jungles, remote space stations and other locales. KIRK / SPOCK ASYMMETRICAL CO-OP PLAY
ULTIMATE CO-OP – Built from the ground up as a co-op experience, Star Trek packs two vastly different gameplay styles and unique character abilities into one game. The result: the most fully realized and varied co-op experience of this console generation.
KIRK AND SPOCK REBORN – Play for the first time as two of the most well-known characters in science fiction, as only this new Star Trek game could allow. With the fate of the galaxy on the line, players must rely on each other to create a kick-ass team.
THE GORN RETURN – Determined to conquer the galaxy, the Gorn returns as re-imagined versions of the classic Trek villains, infecting their foes with venom that can poison, cause hallucinations, and even kill. Ranging in size and abilities, the Gorn seed mayhem and destruction as they destroy populations and deplete planets of their resources.
SCOPE AND VARIETY –Authentic set pieces and ever-changing gameplay underscore the adventure in Star Trek. Hijack enemy battleships, jump precariously through zero G onto moving spaceships and Swim through subterranean waterways.
23rd CENTURY WEAPONS – Star Trek employs a wide variety of weapons and gear, putting you in complete control of a huge load out of 23rd Century tech, including unique signature weapons for Kirk and Spock. Combined with your character’s special skills, every encounter, every no-win situation will turn out differently based on who, what and how you play.

Dead Island Riptide Complete

Dead Island Riptide Complete - 2 DVD

Developer: Techland
Publisher: Deep Silver
Genre: FPS Adventure


All available DLC content is included:

Fashion Victim DLC
Survivor Pack DLC

They thought they had escaped Banoi, but can’t wake up from this nightmare. Thrown back into the midst of the Zombie outbreak, the fight for survival continues!

Dead Island Riptide takes players to the island of Palanai on the Banoi archipelago, infested with bloodthirsty Zombies and only a few remaining Survivors still fighting for their lives. Introducing new terrifying enemies, deadly weapons, a new playable character and much more, Dead Island Riptide will draw players back into a world that has grown corrupt – with the last rays of hope vanishing in rising tides.

Main Features:

Successful combination of First-Person Action, Open World and Coop Multiplayer set against a tropical island backdrop
New playable character
New vehicles: boats
New multiplayer communication feature
New Zombies to kill & Locations to explore
New skills to develop
Minimum System Requirements :

OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz
HDD: 7 GB free disk space
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
DirectX: Version 9

Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle

Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle - 1 DVD

Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital
Developer: Haemimont Games
Genre: Strategy, Simulation

Description: The world is changing and Tropico is moving with the times – geographical powers rise and fall and the world market is dominated by new players with new demands and offers – and you, as El Presidente, face a whole new set of challenges. If you are to triumph over your naysayers you will need to gain as much support from your people as possible. Your decisions will shape the future of your nation, and more importantly, the size of your off-shore bank account.

Included items:

Tropico 4
Steam Special Edition Extras
Junta Military DLC
Plantador DLC
Quick-dry Cement DLC
Modern Times Addon
Pirate Heaven DLC
Megalopolis DLC
Vigilante DLC