Oppai Slider 2 - English

Oppai Slider 2 - English - 1 DVD

Oppai Slider 2 (aka おっぱいスライダー2?) is a Japanese  sex simulator developed by Illusion Soft. It features three girls of different temperaments and willingness who the player tries to make aroused and ready for sex through the use of various objects and manipulation of erogenous zones. You can choose between three different scenarios, each starring a girl in a different role: a nurse (with the player as a doctor), a maid (whose master is the player), and a "sailor", who is simply a girl the player has to teach how to swim. It is actually the same girl, named Asakura Koyori, in three different stories.

Name: Oppai Slider 2
Develope: ILLUSION
Genre: Erotic Adventure, Erotic Quest, Sex, Hentai
Language: Japanese/English
Subtitles: yes
Interface: English/Japanese
Censorship: no (Uncensored Patch)
File size:4.2GB


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