Men of War Vietnam Special Edition

Men of War Vietnam Special Edition - 1 DVD

Release Description:
Another addition in the critically acclaimed strategy series, Men Of War: Vietnam features two new story-driven campaigns let you taste the explosive mix of the jungle, Hueys and rock-n-roll in 1968. Two single-player campaigns cover both sides of the conflict. The US campaign focuses on a team of elite special ops soldiers, and each one of them has a personality. This unit includes Sergeant John Merrill, machinegunner Jim Walsh, sniper Sonny Armstrong, grenade launcher operator Carl Dillan and combat engineer Bill Kirby. In some missions they can count only on themselves, while in the others they act together with regular US and South-Vietnamese troops. Missions range from special operations (rescuing a shot-down pilot, escorting a reporter, etc.) to full scale battles.


Experience the full scale of the Marvel universe with a combined cast of more than 140 popular comic book characters — choose from 20 playable Marvel Super Heroes, unlocking more as you progress
Universal team Upgrade system – Balance your heroes’ powers, or customize each member to maximize their effectiveness
Outfit your heroes with a vast selection of power-boosting equipment, create a team name, team icon and team vehicle, and establish your team’s reputation as the story progresses
Change the course of the game – The missions you accept, the objectives completed, and how you interact with other characters throughout the game will have a direct impact on the storyline
No-holds-barred combat – Fight while you’re airborne, submerged underwater, even out in space! Multiple combat tactics and accessories available – grappling, charge attacks and a destructible environment, where lampposts and chairs become dangerous weapons

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