Wanko to Kurasou

Wanko to Kurasou - 1 DVD

Wanko to Kurasou is eroge game (visual novel) for PC. People were crazy concerning pets years past. The notably in style ones were cats and dogs that look human and have high intelligence. however the boom has died down with time, and currently solely people that really need them own them. Our main character may be a college boy World Health Organization finds a stray anthropoid dog, folded within the rain. Unable to let her simply die, he takes her up to his area and treats her. despite the fact that he told her she will solely keep till the rain ends, the dog stays in worry and worry. The main character decides to appear for her owner. The life between an individual's and a dog starts.

System Requirements 
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Intel Dual core 
512 MB RAM 
128 bit - 512 MB VGA RAM 
1.5 GB Free Hard disk space


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