Slave Witch April

Slave Witch April - 1 DVD
Slave Witch April is a hentai game with visual novel system peppered with stories of magic, romance, infidelity and friendship. game created by the developers of the "MangaGamer" on 7 January 2013. In order to become a magician, Denis enters AN spot below the notable, lovely witch Gregorian calendar month, solely to be overworked and abused on a routine. He bears along with his hate for her as he devotes himself to finding out her techniques till in some unspecified time in the future, he discovers Maisie, a fairy Gregorian calendar month had sealed away. Maisie offers a Denis a deal: "Remove this seal, and i am going to grant you the facility to revenge yourself against Gregorian calendar month." the 2 gain this dependent agreement and commenced to enact their revenge.

System Requirements 
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Intel Dual core or Higher
128 bit - 512 MB VGA RAM 
700 MB Free space


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