Stay Dead

Stay Dead - 1 DVD

Release Description:
Play in real time in an action movie and defeat all your enemies in this innovative beat’em up. Stay Dead is the first of a new generation of video games: the motion picture games. Motion picture games are the melting pot between movies and videogames.
Finally, the sound and graphic quality of a movie joins effectively the interaction of a next generation videogame, creating a fascinating game experience. In Stay dead, indeed, even if the graphic is entirely shot in real life, you can freely move your character and you can perform more than 150 different techniques distribuited in 5 stages. Forget about the old interactive movies from the 80′s. Stay dead is a fast action arcade game combined with a cinematographic direction.

Game characteristics:

Fast Arcade Action
Different Martial Arts
150 Different Techniques
Auto-Adaptable Skill Levels

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