Shadow of the Game

Shadow of the Game - 1 DVD

Release: 21 December 2012 | PC Genre: Adventure

Shadowof the Game is a multiple award-winning roleplaying title with a strongfocus on interactive storytelling. One of the strongest guilds in afictive MMORPG is embarking on the last expansions final raid to becomethe highest ranking guild in game. The event is so tremendous that eventhe MMOs lead developers at Gizzard are watching the raid onlive-stream. Things start to slowly fall apart when the guilds outcastCookie? makes his return sporting an illegal race and bringingpower-grinded companions. Friendships are put to the test, internshipsare on the line, and the gamers are forced to take action in the realworld?. 

“Gameception” – The Indie Game Magazine

“It's only natural to get excited for DeRail Game's adventure narrative game” - dsoGaming

• Multi-branching story
• Interactive dialogue
• Puzzles
• Puzzle based combat
• Original soundtrack and artwork included

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