The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura

The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura - 1 DVD

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Lace Mamba Global
Developer: Cranberry Production
Release Date: 25.11.2012
Language: EN

Release Description:
Lost Chronicles of Zerzura is an adventure set in the gloomy medieval time of Inquisition with travels through different countries and cultures. A young inventor is embarking on the adventure of his life. What is right, what is wrong? Can he save his soul and the life of his love? Feodor and Ramon work together in an inventor’s workshop in Barcelona. When Ramon is kidnapped by the inquisition and brought to Tripoli, Feodor travels on his traces, but on his way he is captured by the corsairs and meets the pretty Jamila, daughter of the corsair’s captain. After another attack by the inquisition, she decides to join him in his search: it is the start of a strong alliance against the Grand Inquisitor, which will eventually bring the three protagonists to the city in the desert, the mysterious Zerzura, for their final challenge…


Historical background: the story resembles actual events from the year 1514
High-quality graphic and scenes rendered in HD
Dynamic music emphasizing the game’s events and emotions
Cultural variety: locations influenced by Europe, Moorish and Egyptian architectures and religions (Christianity and Islam)
Deep character development: the protagonist evolves as thestory goes, showing graphically its gradual transformation
Travel log and possibility to skip mini-games.

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