Space Colony HD

Space Colony HD - 1 DVD

Year: 2012 | Platform: PC | Language: English
Publisher: FireFly | Developer: FireFly
Genre: Strategy

Space Colony HD is a remaster of the real-time strategy game and base builder developed by Firefly Studios, creators of the Stronghold series. It’s a strategy game with depth and personality. 
In Space Colony HD you must build a base for your ragtag crew, which includes the lovely Venus Jones, Scandinavian biker Stig Svensson, cybernetics expert Mr. Zhang, rowdy barfly Tami and former chicken farmer Billy-Bob Perkins. Keeping your crew happy is tough when they’re so different, but you also have to keep them alive! Maintaining oxygen levels, productivity and defending against hostile alien threats is your responsibility.

This isn’t just some run of the mill life simulator, you work for Blackwater Industries and in Space Colony HD players must colonise to survive. Setting up mining operations, vacation facilities and perimeter defences is all part of the game and it’s up to you to decide which planets to colonise. Don’t want to battle indigenous life? Then travel to Argon and build intergalactic golf courses instead! Though when the tourists start getting in the way and using up all your oxygen, you may miss those aliens…


- Colonise space with a ragtag crew, each with their own distinct personality.

- Build your base for mining, intergalactic golf or alien warfare.

- Serve Blackwater Industries as a civilian or military commander, with two distinct paths to choose from.

- Experience Space Colony for the first time in high definition.
- Play through 8 never before seen Official Bonus Campaigns and 6 user-created campaigns.

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