Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken

Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken - 1 DVD

Genre: Adventure, Indie, Platformer
Developer: Ratloop Asia
Publisher: Reverb Publishing

Scene group TiNYiSO released a new adventure indie platformer game Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken for PC. Enjoy!

Description: Annihilate an evil penguin regime in this cinematic platform adventure game offering full solo and co-op campaigns. Set out on a mission to assassinate the totalitarian penguin leader as Hardboiled Chicken. Destroy enemies with a slew of weapons and illuminate the secrets to his past while uncovering the real enemies of Albatropolis. Master fowl play in the co-op campaign as a pair of Budgie commandos on a mission to save the general’s daughter. Many lives will be destroyed, countless penguins will die!


Complete Solo Campaign – 15 chapters, variety of weapons and puzzles
Complete Co-Op Campaign – 10 chapters, 6 Budgie commando characters
Mini-stories – Uncover the truth about the totalitarian regime and Hardboiled’s mysterious past through unlockable cut-scenes and music videos.
Exclusive Music – Gameplay, cut-scenes and videos set to exclusive tracks from indie rock band New World Revolution

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