Virgin Roster - 1 DVD

Virgin Roster -Shukketsubo- won't appeal to most people.  The main character 
is Kengo Inui, a shamelessly proud rapist.  He feeds off the misery of others,
in fact he goes so far as to believe that other people exist only for his
amusement.  Recently, he's taken a job as a high school teacher, and his only
goal is to cultivate a new batch of sex slaves.  Students and teachers alike
are targets; nothing is out of bounds for this unrepentant sadist.

Virgin Roster is a point-and-click adventure game.  Follow Kengo as he
hunts the women in his new environment.  Be prepared, the destruction becomes
intense as he molds his innocent victims into willing and dependent sexual
slaves.  The ending you get depends on the decisions you make for Kengo.  While
he may have encounters with several women throughout the course of the game,
your choices determine which, in the end, become his willing servants for the
rest of their existence.

                            ii. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

Straight from the back of the box, here are the system requirements:

Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP/Me/98/2000
Mouse(or other pointing device)

                   Minimum Requirements          Recommended Requirements
                   --------------------          ------------------------
CPU                Pentium II/ 233MHz            Pentium II/ 300MHz
Memory             64 MB or higher               96 MB or higher
Display            640 X 480 HighColor           24 bit True Color
CD-ROM             8X or higher                  12X or higher
Sound                   ---                      MIDI Sound and 
                                                 PCM Sound/GM Sound

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