Super Strip Fighter IV

Super Strip Fighter IV - 1 DVD

Super Strip Fighter IV, created by Dōjin, is a hentai fighting game parody of the popular Street Fighter series, with one obvious change: the adult part of the game. Each character has their own fighting style and moves. Rana, for instance, is covered in oil and can rub herself against the opponents and slip them out between her legs.

Getting over the initial juvenile laughs on the occasional nipple slip or the special combo moves like the boobcopter (has to be the roflcopter’s successor), the game actually has an extra interesting element from a game design perspective that gives it added value compared to the normal Street Fighter.

Besides the required fast, medium and slow attacks and the grab, the game also has combos and a special strip move. The special strip move is the mothers of combos, where the character attacks the opponent in a character specific move and removes all of the opponent’s clothes.

If it is the last round and the opponent is killed in the strip move, he regains his health, and the player does not have control over the character anymore. The winning player now has free range to do with the opponent as he pleases. It is also in this phase the player can perform a “finishing move” on the opponent, where, as can be seen in the screenshot in the case of Nina, will “finish him off” by stepping on his penis until he is “finished.”

This way of winning has a much better feeling of fiero mixed with a good part of schadenfreude, because not only do you win, you also humiliate the opponent in the best possible way. This is especially true because the super strip move can only be performed when the player himself has charged up his super charge meter, and the only way to charge up the super charge is by getting knocked over and damaged by the opponent. So the gameplay is a constant evaluation of whether you should go for the most satisfying and most difficult-to-perform strip move, or a more certain but less satisfying normal kill. This is a very nice balance and has given the game more value

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