Tomb Rider Platinum Collection

Tomb Rider Platinum Collection - 1 DVD

This limited edition Tomb Raider Collection set includes two original, complete games. Included are Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation and Tomb Raider Chronicles

TOMB RAIDER: THE LAST REVELATION -- Lara Croft faces the great dangers of an unleashed Egyptian god in her fourth tomb raiding adventure. Last Revelation's redesigned inventory system gives Tomb Raider brand-new gameplay. Combined with Lara's new moves and abilities, gameplay features greater scope than ever before. An emphasis on ancient locations and tombs allows mystery, suspense and characteristic atmosphere to play key roles throughout.

TOMB RAIDER CHRONICLES -- Lara Croft's friends have gathered at her memorial service and are reminiscing about her past adventures. In Tomb Raider Chronicles, you can go back in time and recreate four of the best ones. Lara will search for items and solve puzzles in Rome, an abandoned Russian submarine base, a haunted house, and a high-tech office building.

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