The Political Machine 2012 + Babel Rising

The Political Machine 2012 - 1 DVD
+ BONUS Babel Rising

Year: 2012 | PC | English | Publisher: Stardock Entertainment | Developer: Stardock Entertainment |
Genre: Strategy
Play as the campaign manager for a host of candidates including real-life 2012 candidates, historical candidates or design one from scratch in this 2012 entry into the acclaimed political simulation game series. The Political Machine 2012 features updated political topics from across the United States. Issues such as Afghanistan, the economy, Obamacare, income inequality, gay rights, and the national debt have been integrated into the games election database. Regional issues such as right to work, state minimum wage, local environmental policies, farm subsidies and more require the candidate to walk a tight rope between appealing to the widest range of voters and appearing to flip flop.


Make your run for the White House as a famous politician or create your own.

Take a stance on the issues, stretch the truth, or smear your opponents!
Travel around the United States in your bid to win electoral votes.
Outwit interviewers and win the favor of voters.

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