Bus and Cable Car Simulator - San Francisco

Bus and Cable Car Simulator - San Francisco - 1 DVD

Language(s): ENGLISH
Release: 12-06-2012 | Platform: XP/ViSTA/7
Genre(s): Simulation

For those who have been dreaming of taking a seat in an original cable car or of exploring the streets of San Francisco in a realistic bus comes the new PC-simulation by astragon. Get behind the wheel of one of 16 detailed vehicles and navigate cable cars, trolley- and articulated buses in a huge and freely accessible world. Explore hundreds of Californian routes with real uphill and downhill grades. A city has rarely been emulated this true to original before!
Every vehicle has its own driving characteristics. Experience a realistic compressed air system and exchange used parts yourself. Explore all the cockpit functions and use your GPS to meet the schedule while keeping an eye on the lifelike traffic and of course your fuel level.
???Bus- & Cable Car-Simulator??? features beautiful and detailed 3D graphics, a large vehicle fleet as well as a complex AI system of cars and pedestrians. Experience realistic sounds in Dolby Surround and unlock special rewards in career mode.

16 true to original, navigable vehicles including trolley- and articulated buses as well as cable cars ??? every vehicle is also accessible inside
Vehicle maintenance including refueling and exchanging of used parts
A lot of operable cockpit functions
Realistic traffic
Complex AI system including lane change of vehicles and change of road sides by pedestrians
All new reward system in career mode
Many hidden extras
Create new bus routes for yourself
Timetable routes with summary
Huge and freely accessible world with hundreds of streets including the original uphill and downhill grades of San Francisco

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