3D Custom Girls

3D Custom Girls - 1DVD

Year: 2008
Genre: 3d cellshaded customizable girl
Developer: TechArts3D
Publisher: TechArts3D
Platform: PC
System requirements:
Pentium4 1.4Ghz/256Mb RAM/1.2 Gb HDD free space / Videocard 256Mb w / support Pixel Shader 2.0
Publication Type: license
Tabletka: None

The newest interactive 3D-game. The plot, as such, no, it all comes down to the generation of girls and putting it in different poses. You can customize almost everything - eye color, hairstyle, accessories, rags, skin color, breast size, and so…
So, what is 3D Custom Girl? Its a Hentai game which allows you to create your custom girl, you can modify some physical aspect of the girl and then you can use the vast number of cloth to dress up your dream girl. Well, after dressing your girl up... what about some hot sex afterwards? The cell shading feature makes the game look very sweet, you'll love it! Moreover, the expansion brings new feature to the game like being able to modify all aspect of your girl (boobs maybe? ) and custom position for your game!
Let the fun begin! Here is step by step what you should do to enjoy the game.

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