Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Power of Chaos

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Power of Chaos MOD (PC/ENG/2012)

 English | Platform: PC | Release: March 26, 2012 | Publisher: Konami | Developer: Konami |
Genre: Card Battle


Thisgame has 1109 cards in total (over 400 are added by me) including someanime only and fan-made cards. To unlock all cards open All Cards -UNLOCKER folder and fallow the instructions in All CardsINFO!!!!!!!.txt file. You can also use some of my Decks if you want.You can find them in Here are some Decks folder. If you have anyproblems, watch this TUTORIAL:
Inthis game your opponent is Yusei Fudo. The game does not have all thesame cards as my other ones but there is a lot of great new 5Ds cards.There is many Synchro monsters in this game but unfortunately they donthave their effects and you must summon them the same way as fusionmonsters... by fusing material monsters with quick-play spell cardMiracle Synchro Fusion or continuous spell card Synchronized Realm.Anyway, Im sure you will love it.


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