Sagara Family - English

Sagara Family - English  - 1DVD
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You are Yusuke, a young man who's about to go into college. You are sent off by your father to board with his friend's family to make things easier. To your surprise however, his friend's family -- the Sagara family -- is comprised solely of beautiful girls. There's the sexy widowed mother Maria, and then there are her four daughters: the demure Arisa, the feisty Sanae, the mysterious Emiru, and the playful Ruruka. You'll be living with these ladies from this day on, and you'll soon find out that in the Sagara family, almost anything goes...

One look at The Sagara Family's cover artwork and I was filled with a sense of déjà vu. Thoughts of the redundant Horny Bunnies game series came to mind, and I expected more of the same idiotic fluff from ZyX.

Surprise, surprise. Sure, The Sagara Family follows the tired old formula of having a guy live with a bevy of beauties under one roof (think "Come See Me Tonight 1 & 2", "Pick Me, Honey!", "Heart de Roommate", etc.). However, I was astonished by how challenging the game was and by how many different endings you can get. You don't just keep on picking one girl to get her ending. Your decisions also affect the kind of ending you get with the girl you are pursuing. It's even possible to end up with a combination of two girls at once. Almost every option opens up additional paths that make the game much more complex than your usual sex romp. While I really liked the depth and scale of the game's decision tree, it was somewhat wasted on the overly contrived plot and cookie-cutter characters. Everyone is so generic. Maria is the usual sexually liberated older woman who looks young, Arisa is the usual shy-but-horny girl who gets into trouble, Sanae is the usual tomboyish female with a violent streak, Emiru is the typical silent-type weirdo, and Ruruka is the resident lolicon. These are girls you find in almost every other bishoujo game, and the situations they get into are nothing new either. As always, you get access to the harem route once you get all the endings. Ho hum, thank goodness for skip dialogues.

The Sagara Family's artwork is standard ZyX fare -- pretty but repetitive. The Sagara Family members resemble not only each other, but just about every other character in past ZyX games I've played. If it's any consolation though, sex scenes are abundant and portrayed exceptionally. There's a lot of detail and variation, even going as far as using vegetables as kinky toys. I can't really remember any of the game music, and I'm not even going to comment on the voices anymore. Let's just say they're the usual cute original Japanese voices.

Formulaic plot and characters aside, I must admit that The Sagara Family is one of the better done, if not best sex romps out there. There's something for everyone due to the sheer number of possibilities, with endings ranging from comical to somewhat dark. This is also one of the few games I've seen which cares enough to further expound on the story way after you've made the last decision. If you must pick up a sex romp, make it this one.

Extra features include a CG and music gallery.


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