Pole Position 2012

Pole Position 2012 - 1DVD

(c) Kalypso Media

Release Date: 18/04/2012
Game Type: Racing

Game information

Pole Position 2012 will put your manager skills to the test by putting you
in charge of your Formula 1 racing team. It's your responsibility not only
to buy spare parts, but also to design the car and to recruit the members
of your team. And then, you have to decide which training sessions are the
most appropriate for your pilots

Pole Position 2012 offers you more features than ever in a Formula 1 racing
team management simulation. The whole technology tree was revised from the
ground up and you have to pick your own research from over 100 new
technology projects. The team management system is easier to use and is
even more interesting. And even when it comes to your own satisfaction, you
can make your dreams come true and get a sports car, a villa or even a
private jet plane. But it doesn't matter how you build your racing team,
your goal is always the same: make the right choices, pick the right people
and win the World Championship

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