Hired Guns The Jagged Edge

Hired Guns The Jagged Edge - 1DVD

Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge is a turn-based strategy that puts you command of a squad of specialists for hire in the genre’s biggest game-world yet: the African country Diamond Coast.  Diamond Coast is a playground for the cruel and corrupt, each with their own agenda.  Choose your friends wisely and buy an army of ruthless mercenaries to unleash mayhem on your foes.  Choose “jobs” from different factions and complete them for cash to upgrade your weapons and hire more elite soldiers of fortune.

Tons of firepower and plenty of combat experience will give your team the edge when it comes to fighting, but smooth talk and a wad of bills can also go a long way towards ensuring success. With multiple story lines and endings, you’re in total control of your own fate.


    Ally with up to four different factions, each with their own agenda, for unique bonuses and missions
    Crush your enemies with over 150 upgradeable weapons, including pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and add-ons such as laser sights, collimator sights, silencers, improved slides and more!
    Hire over 30 mercenaries to fill out multiple squads with various specialties and skills and unique personalities, some work together better than others - you'll need not only mercenaries with good weapon skills, but also medics, mechanics, scouts and leaders
    Destroy everything in your path with a fully interactive world and realistic physics
    Gain territory with brains, brawn or cold hard cash
    Determine your own fate with multiple storylines and endings
    ... and more!

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