Hearts of Iron Anthology

Hearts of Iron Anthology - 1DVD

GAME TYPE : Strategy

Release Notes:

The Hearts of Iron series has won numerous Editor Choice
Awards across the globe and has become one of the strongest
brands in the Grand Strategy genre. Its gameplay mostly
depicts war, as all strategy games. Hearts of Iron however,
has a setting even in WW III.

Never before released in retail, Armageddon allows players to
venture even further into fantasy scenarios, or to instead
play the game as history unfolds. The product includes:
"Hearts of Iron," "Hearts of Iron II," "Hearts of Iron II:
Doomsday," and the new-to-retail booster pack: "Armageddon."

Command any frontline during World War II as one of more than
175 playable countries.

Four major campaigns let you play through the full course of
the war, plus 15 battle scenarios including D-Day, Operation
Barbarossa and The Ardennes Offensive.

A vast and innovative technology tree that includes more than
350 different technologies to research.

More than 12,500 historical military and political leaders,
each brought to life with authentic portraits and schemes to
further their own agendas.

Several "What if" scenarios taking WW II into WW III.

Additional bonus material never released before.

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