Death Road

Death Road - 1DVD

Genre: Action
Publisher: TBA
Developer: Bloober Team

Polish game studio Active Zone Group brings a new futuristic racer “Death Road” to PlayStation 3 and PC and Xbox360. Scene group SKIDROW released the game for the PC , Read NFO for more information Enjoy.

Description: Death Road, as it’s called, is set in the future on the planet Ameliana, where players will race using eleven future vehicles equipped with six basic weapons (machine guns, plasma guns, missiles, etc.) throughout eight different locations. Death Road is a very slick, futuristic style racing game that from the video has an interesting Pod Racer feel to it. Set on the plant of Ameliana, the game will feature 11 vehicles, 8 locations, and an assortment of weapons. Playing solo, the game will feature 55 missions across 4 chapters, that the developer estimates at over 8 hours.


Single player campaign and multiplayer mode for 6 player
8 racing tracks
11 vehicles
1 primary, and 5 secondary weapons
5 power ups
55 events in Single player mode
4 campaigns (rookie, pilot, veteran and elite)
7 modes of gameplay (race, time trial, combat, elimination, mine field,
gary move out and hunter)
Numerous unlock able achievements

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