Worms Reloaded v + 7 DLC

Worms Reloaded v + 7 DLC - 1DVD

Ten years after the release of Worms Armageddon, step by step comic messivo continues recycled Worms Reloaded, available for PC on Steam. Worms Reloaded offers a multiplayer game for up to four people and computer support for voice communication, and a bunch of crazy new weapons (and thats not counting some of the most memorable parts of the weapons of the previous series), achievements, leaderboards, new background theme in high resolution, an extensive list of locks for a new regime of The Castle, new landscape editor, new game modes, hats, costumes and vocal set of worms.

And at the end of all this, we almost forgot to mention the most interesting single player, which includes the training mode, Fight to the death, the race game mode, Castle and puzzles. Taste the new types of high definition engine and reworked physics, combined with artificial intelligence that seven different types of light that is, the reckless, and that this almost invincible monster that can devour any experienced player to shreds. In addition, the game, youll find a bunch of options to configure it, starting with the thousands of design options of the command worms to unique, you created levels that will allow you to play the way you want it!

Installed DLC:
The Pre order Forts and Hats
Time Attack Pack
Forts Pack
Retro Pack
Puzzle Pack
Team Fortress Pack
Team Fortress Pack

A variety of content for a single game:
Campaign. Play 35 missions alone, and then enjoy a further 30 in the War Zone is intended for the real pros.
Mode of Kill as many as possible! How long can you hold on, playing for a worm and a heap of enemies that are getting stronger and stronger? Try to be the best and beat your friends in the number of points in the table of records.
Training. Extensive training, which includes three parts with shooting at three different distances. GAME ON INTERNET AND LAN:
Play on the Internet and LAN with four friends. And all this with support for Steamworks, with which you can automatically download updates the game to communicate with their friends and other players to compete with other records in a table and receive a unique achievement.
Tables of Records! Several types of lists of the best for each type of game as well statistics. You will be able to compare their results with all the players, or just with your friends. GLOBAL SETUP TOTAL:
Wild number of opportunities for personalization worms change their form, winning dances, coffins, voice interface, and even the names of the hat!
To purchase up to blue in the face! Players can buy new hats, maps, weapons, missions, castles and tombs, earning in game currency, fulfilling the mission of a single game.
More than 70 voice sets: 50 recycled from the past series and 20 all new voices, including the Mad set of votes cheese!
A wide selection of cards: both the new and old from, as well as the opportunity to make your own card in the level editor! COMPLETELY NEW LEVEL EDITOR:
Our editor returns to the landscape of a new design, with a long forgotten opportunity to build bridges, and the ability

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