A-Train 9

A-Train 9 - 1DVD

A-Train 9 PC Multi2-ALiAS
ALiAS Brings a nice Interesting Simulation Game “A Train 9″.“The giants are back The car giant – A-Train combines nine railways and urban development in an innovative design and economic game future rise or fall -. The fate of an entire city is also in the hands of the player as that of his company,” says John Ertl, producer UIG Entertainment. “With a highly detailed and diverse genre mix of business simulation, game design and traffic management occurs at the web giant, the legitimate successor of the legendary giant games”. As the player moves through the decades, always new technologies that take into account train models, innovations and changes must be sent to apply to the city – under his leadership. Urban planning is well advanced demands such a sophisticated rail network with the right logistics hubs, depots and administrative offices. In beautifully designed 3D graphics to create the city of the future – the perfect Utopia with short distances to work, an ideal infrastructure for all residents and trains are hardly ever more than 30 seconds later. Many included cities layouts, inspired by the cities of the world, an outstanding management system (including 180 negotiable values of the virtual stock exchange), dozens of building options in various variations, high-tech features and well-tried “workhorses” and make especially good long-term motivation for hundreds of hours of play and construction fun.

A-Train 9 PC

Sophisticated management system with many details
Over 50 detailed vehicles
30 maps and cities
120 different types of buildings
World-famous buildings such as for example the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Empire State Building ..
Exchange with 120 companies
Day and night cycles

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