Ambers Blood The Eighth Carol Reed Mystery

Ambers Blood The Eighth Carol Reed Mystery - 1DVD

Description: Carol’s Long-time friend Stina is going through her dead father’s belongings and finds her grandfather’s obituary. According to the obituary, Stina’s grandfather died much later than she had been lead to believe.
When continuing to explore what her father left behind. Stina sprains her ankle when falling while reaching for a box on a shelf. She asks Carol to look into the matter.
Carol’s investigations soon reveal that there is much more to Stina’s suspicions than simply a misprint in an obituary, and that Stina’s family history is darker and more twisted than either Carol or Stina could ever have imagined.


    * Ambers Blood is the eighth games in the Carol Reed Series.
    * The game is mouse driven and features a classic adventure game interface.
    * There is absolutely no need to have played any of the previous Carol Reed games to fully enjoy Ambers Blood. The game starts with an interactive tutorial which explains how to play. And dont worry about getting stuck. The game features a hint system which you can consult any time.
    * The game takes place in Sweden, but is in English. All dialogue has optional subtitles.
    * The game contains no graphic violence or strong language. It has no action sequences, and is suitable for all ages. You cant die in the game.

Gener: Mystery, Adventure
Developer: MDNA Games
Platform: Windows PC

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